The Edmond Clan


I got Archimedes when a girl at work, the same girl that gave me Winston and Rattagan, asked if I was interested in a male rat. She offers me rats sometimes and I usually refuse due to lack of space, but I had a little room so I asked for some info on this one. She said he was young and was white with a big blue spot on his head. Immediately I asked her to bring him in. The next morning she arrived with a tupperware container and inside of it was Archimedes. He was such a sweetie that I immediately said I would take him. It took me several days to name him but then my brother suggested Archimedes and it fit, so that's his name.

As you can see, Arc is not the best housekeeper.

"Hmm, what is this contraption that I am smelling? Fingers. Edible? I think so."

"Muahaha! I have successfully escaped! What are you gonna do now, human? Eh?"

Archimedes eats cheese.

Arc is a little rambunctious.

"HI EVERYONE!! MY NAME IS ARC!! Why are you looking at me like that? What, can't you see me?"