The Edmond Clan


10-10-2003: Site made..

10-11-2003: I added the Links, Random Pics, and Award page.

10-12-2003: TEC won an award! :)

10-15-2003: Well, I finally picked up Ally today. I've been slowly petting her and feeling around her belly daily to get her used to my touch, and also to feel if she is getting any bigger (signs of pregnancy). Every time I've tried to pick her up, she has squeaked and shrunk away from me. Today she was a little scard but let me pick her up without making any noise. I held her in my hands for about two minutes while she sniffed around, nibbled on my nails, etc and then I put her back. Her belly looks just slightly poufed out when she stands up but I don't feel any lumpies so we will see. She may just be gaining weight because I feed her better than Pass Pets did.. Anyways, onto site news, we won another award :)

4-25-2005: Wow, it's been a while, huh? :) I'm slowing working on the website to make it more up to date, but life has been crazy and I just didn't have time for the website anymore. Most of my rats passed away from old age, all except for Ally. She is still kicking, and as you can tell from the front page, she managed to get pregnant by a complete fault of mine (her impregnator is now without his testicles after a quick surgery) so we're waiting on a bundle of joy which is actually due any minute now. She's on her 22nd night, and has built a huge nest. I'll post more when she has them!

4-27-2005: Ally dropped 7 pups! I was eagerly anticipating babies all morning at work, so I came home over lunch to check on her and she had had 6 by then. I had to leave then so I couldn't wait to get off of work, and when I did, the final count was 7. Yay for Ally and Archimedes II!

The mom, the dad, and the babies!